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Tracey Mawson Ceramic Artist

Artist Profile

UK Yorkshire based Tracey Mawson Ceramic Artist is delighting the art & craft world with her creations.
From the rolling waves of the ocean to the falling autumn leaves, these inspirations from nature flow seamlessly through her work.
Using traditional hand building techniques, slab, coiling & pinching to form her pieces.  Tracey controls the clay whilst also enjoying it's natural ability to move, relishing the texture & ruggedness of a ripped edge against a simple silhouette. Rolling her organic finds into the clay surface giving it an irresistible tactile quality.
The use of different firing techniques keeps her ceramics vibrant & contemporary.  Beautiful turquoise blues emerge from Raku firing. The delicate black lines of the horse hair firing dances across the smokey white surface, each unique and precious.

Tracey's ceramic artworks are highly accessible and are gaining increasing attention on the international stage.

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